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Enter the Den

 Enter the Den 2010 Winners

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1st Place

CARE’N Errand Services

Jennifer Caren (Westgate) - $1500 
(wearing red in the picture)

CARE’N Errand Services is an errand service business that can be started up and maintained easily and cheap.   This business is in the service industry that is fast growing due to today’s busy lifestyles.   It   offers a broader range of services, payment plans and unique features...

2nd Place

  Elite Hockey Academy
Kevin Fish, Aaron Bellinger & Megan Fero (Westgate) - $1000

Our company is a hockey training facility - the first of its kind in Thunder Bay. We will be offering innovative equipment and training techniques that cannot be found anywhere within six hours of the city. Our innovative equipment includes synthetic ice which is the key element in our facility…

3rd Place

  Thunder Organics

Gerrit Wesselink (Ecole LaVerendrye) - $750

Thunder Organics is a local company that will grow vegetables and fruits in a greenhouse to resell to the supermarkets or the general public. During the winter months the green house will be fully planted to have harvest during the various growing seasons...

4th Place

The Cake Shop

Carly Mackay (Hammarskjold) - $200 gift certificate

My business is a service, it is a bakery that not only makes cakes but offers customers the opportunity to have full control of what is on their cake and what kind it is. My bakery will also offer workshops in which people can pay a fee to learn how to do different techniques in baking such as working with Fondant…

5th Place

Jared’s Wood Turnings

Jared LeFeuvre (Churchill) - $200 gift certificate   

Jared’s Wood Turnings is a start-up business designed to provide customers with locally made handcrafted exotic hardwood pens. The concept behind Jared’s Wood Turnings is that members of the public want to have something that they can use on a daily basis to “show off” in front of their peers...