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Enter the Den

2015 Enter the Den

> Click here to download the 2015 ETD Business Idea Form for Judging for the Semi-Finals


"To me, an entrepreneur envisions.  They can envision a solution to a human want or need.  And a successful entrepreneur is someone who can make those solutions financially viable." 

Grant Hooker, BeaverTrails Canada Inc. Ottawa ON


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ETD Dates to remember are:



2014 Event


First Place:        Elissa Field (Pet Parking)   $1500

Second Place:  Meghan Maguire (Rent a Dress)   $1000

Third Place:      Katelyn Kotanen (Eco Furniture)   $ 500


Runner ups ... Michelle Chen & Krya Bloomfield (Laundry Service) Scott Meekis (Native Beadworks)




NetNewsLedger Interview 2014 Links:

Live Streamed 2014 video




2013  Event

L-R: Scotia Evans, Mac Lockyer, Benedict Langille, Gregary Sanders, Lexy Engberg

We would like to congratulate the winners of Enter the Den 2013! First place was Lexy Engberg of Superior High school, Second was Gregary Sanders of St Patricks, Third was Benedict Langille of Westgate, Fourth was Mac Lockyer of Sir Winston Churchill, and Fourth was Scotia Evans of Westgate. Congratulations to all of the students who participated!!

Registration for the Fourth Annual Enter the Den Competition is now CLOSED! Registration for 2014 will begin next September, where we will invite all Thunder Bay high school students to register for their chance to be part of the action.  Enter the Den organizers will visit Thunder Bay high schools to help promote the event, so watch for us again in September!


We will be inviting all interested communtiy members to attend the Enter the Den Finals in May! Watch for dates to be announced.


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Email any time or call 768-6650.