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Enter the Den

SIFE Workshops

Beginning on February 8th, 2012 with a workshop on 'How to Write a Business Plan' we will begin a series of 4 educational workshops aimed at helping you better understand what constitutes a comprehensive business plan.  The purpose of each of the workshops is to help you with your Enter the Den application and Business Plan so that the final product that you submit for the competition is of top quality.  Each workshop has been developed by members of a non-profit organization at Lakehead University called SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise).


The 1st workshop will be held on Wednesday, February 8th at Superior Collegiate and Vocational Institute and it will begin at 5:30 in Room 1105.  We hope to see you ALL there! 


2012 SIFE Workshop Schedule: 

TOMORROW: March 21 – Location: Superior CVI room 1105  When: 5:30 pm Topic: Finance and Accounting Basics

March 24 - Location: Mary J.L. Black Library  When: 10:00 am Topic: Finance and Accounting Basics


Need Extra Assistance with your Application or Business Plan? 

SIFE members are available to help you!  Just find the SIFE representative that has been assigned to your school and send them an email!


Churchill - Melissa - lakeheadu%23ca|mlamothe

Westgate - Chelsea - lakeheadu%23ca|ctdorval

St. Ignatius - Jordan - lakeheadu%23ca|jmigliaz

Superior & La Vérendrye - Allison - lakeheadu%23ca|aoshea

St. Pats & DFC - Madora - lakeheadu%23ca|mjday

Hammerskjold - Mallory - lakeheadu%23ca|mdatchis