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Enter the Den

Year 2 - 2011

Enter the Den 2011 Winners


1st Prize

Andrew's Garden Soil

Andrew Vis - Sir Winston Churchill High School

Andrew's Garden Soil is a manure and topsoil mix bagged in 60 lb bags. This soil mixture has been used by many generations of prize winning gardeners. Andrew hopes to encourage local people to start growing their own vegetables and enhance their flower gardens. This soil will help your garden grow!


2nd Prize

Thunder Doggy Camp

Moriah Harvey - Sir Winston Churchill High School

Thunder Doggy Camp is a place where dogs and owners alike can feel confident in that their needs and care is always being met. This exceptional summer day camp provides exceptional care, to make every experience a positive one. Customers (dogs) can receive a full day jam packed with fun, including dog walks, spa time, training, portraits, rest time, swimming, and other themed days.


3rd Prize

Phil's In-home Computer Repair and User Training

Phil Bystrican - Sir Winston Churchill High School

Phil’s In-home Computer Repair provides in-home computer repair, setup of tech-nological devices, and user training. The business is unique because unlike large companies we are strictly local and we can offer many perks chain stores and large companies are unable to offer.