Past Winners

2019 Winners

1st Place              $1500  –               Eversmooth Enterprise by Natalie  
2nd Place             $1000  –               MD Firewood by Matthew
3rd Place             $500    –               D&A Custom Carvings by Aiden  & Dalton                                           

Runner ups (in no particular order):

Ken's Inputs by Kendall
Nicole's Creative Customs by Nicole
Revamped by     Isabel & Olivia


2018 Winners

1st Place              $1500  –               Active Paws by Andrew L
2nd Place             $1000  –               SUDS by Eraj R
3rd Place             $500    –               River Forge by Aidan M

Runner ups (in no order) 

Amur Clothing Co. by Aja & Sierra
Vanishing Shelf by Harasees


2017 Winners

1st Place              $1500  –               Rose River Succulents by Sierra
2nd Place             $1000  –               Best Friend’s Treats by Benjamin
3rd Place             $500    –               Greybirds Ice Cream Castle by Miguel

Runner ups:

Bug Off by Bren
Niipaypiisoon (Baby Bundles) by Landyn
Seniors Software by Sara


2016 Winners

1st Place              $1500  –               Upcycle Furniture by Aja
2nd Place             $1000  –               R & J Riding Reins by Ryley & Jessica
3rd Place             $500    –               Manny's Mobile Car-Detailing by Manny

Runner ups:

Riverside Farms by Ben
She'lite Hockey School by Katrina


2015 Winners


1st Place              $1500  –              Fine Line Courier Service by James
2nd Place             $1000  –               Henna Harmony with Lahama
3rd Place             $500    –               Local to You! with Samantha

Runner ups: 

Wildlife Outdoor Shop by Lindeen
Paws for Prosperity by Celine


2014 Winners


1st Place              $1500  –               Pet Parking by Elissa
2nd Place             $1000  –               EcoFurniture by Katelyn
3rd Place             $500    –               Rent a Dress by Meghan

Runner ups:

Native Beadworks by Scott
Laundry Service by Michelle &  Kyra