Competition Details

How Enter the Den Works:


Application: Develop your idea and submit your APPLICATION by the posted date. We recommend you discuss and review your application with one of your school's business teachers prior to submission.

Business Plan Preparation: After the due date, we will contact you by email or phone and let you know if you have been selected to proceed to the next round of the contest; the semi-finals. You will have 48 hours to inform Thunder Bay Ventures/Enter the Den of your intent to participate. If you’re selected to go to the next round, then it’s time to prepare your business plan. Again, we strongly recommend students seek guidance from their business teachers or TBV Staff in the development of their business plans.

Semi-Finals: Students selected for the semi-finals will present and defend their business plans to a panel of judges. Please make sure you have practiced your verbal and visual pitch and are familiar with all your details, as you will be asked questions. You may use video, audio recordings, PowerPoint presentation or other media to convey your ideas.

Finals: Students chosen to move forward to the finals will receive feedback on how to improve their presentations before the next round with new judges.

We would be happy and honoured to present the competiton in person with a powerpoint presentation to your classroom or youth group.    Please contact us to make arrangements.