Past Winners

2024 Winners


Business Name

Student Name

Grade 7-8:



1st Place

The Origami Experience

Ecole Elsie MacGill

2nd Place

Sustainably Scrunched


3rd Place

Garofalo Designs

Ècole Publique de Thunder Bay

Runner up

Tech Surge

Sudaiv & Imran

Runner up


Nicholas & Olivia
Ècole Publique de Thunder Bay




Grade 9-12:



1st Place

Safe Stimming

St. Patrick HS

2nd Place

Anemki Wajiw Dance Troupe

Westgate HS

3rd Place

Replay Pedal

Hammarskjold HS

Runner up

Rock Paper Zombies

Westgate HS

Runner up

TBay Ride

St. Patrick HS


2023 Winners


Gr 7-8 Category

1st - Owen with Breakaway Films
2nd - Moiz & Suyash with Blizzify
3rd - Alexis Kruchak with Crazy Cuisine

Chris & Frog with Break a Sweat
Ella with Babysitting Blast

Gr 9-12 Category

1st - Kaydee with Vondesignco
2nd - Avery with Love For Dogs
3rd - Tyson with Thunder Bay Chips

Preston with LuminaSleep
Piper with 1000 Words



2022 Winners


Grade 7-8 category winners:

1st - Kyleigh Beeautiful World beeswax wraps
2nd - Emma Emma's Farm Fresh Experience
3rd - Owen Media Commercial Zap
4th - Collin Wood-sy
4th - Miles Colour Your Memories

Grade 9 - 12 category winners:

1st - Sarah Cleaning with Meaning
2nd - Liam Thunder Rolls
3rd - Serena Summer Splasher's
4th - Benjamin Tucker Creek MFG.



2019 Winners


1st Place - Eversmooth Enterprise by Natalie
2nd Place - MD Firewood by Matthew
3rd Place - D&A Custom Carvings by Aiden Dalton

Runners-up (in no particular order):
Ken's Inputs by Kendall
Nicole's Creative Customs by Nicole
Revamped by Isabel & Olivia



2018 Winners


1st Place - Active Paws by Andrew L
2nd Place - SUDS by Eraj R
3rd Place - River Forge by Aidan M

Runners-up (in no order)
Amur Clothing Co. by Aja & Sierra
Vanishing Shelf by Harasees



2017 Winners


1st Place - Rose River Succulents by Sierra
2nd Place - Best Friend's Treats by Benjamin
3rd Place - Greybirds Ice Cream Castle by Miguel

Bug Off by Bren
Niipaypiisoon (Baby Bundles) by Landyn
Seniors Software by Sara



2016 Winners


1st Place - Upcycle Furniture by Aja
2nd Place - R & J Riding Reins by Ryley & Jessica
3rd Place - Manny's Mobile Car-Detailing by Manny

Riverside Farms by Ben
She'lite Hockey School by Katrina



2015 Winners


1st Place - Fine Line Courier Service by James
2nd Place - Henna Harmony with Lahama
3rd Place - Local to You! with Samantha

Wildlife Outdoor Shop by Lindeen
Paws for Prosperity by Celine



2014 Winners


1st Place - Pet Parking by Elissa
2nd Place - EcoFurniture by Katelyn
3rd Place - Rent a Dress by Meghan

Native Beadworks by Scott
Laundry Service by Michelle &  Kyra